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LOCUS groups a series of European co-developed performing arts festivals.

LOCUS means LOcal Cultural Urban Synergies, but can also mean LOcal Communities for Urban Synergies, because the focal point lays in the participatory approach with which the festivals will be developed together with local communities and local stakeholders (public and private).


The main objective this project focuses on is the innovation, to enhance the capacity of EU cultural institution to innovate, prosper and generate jobs and growth not only within the cultural sector, but beyond, in a wider local development concept.

The innovation lies in the new model of participatory development of the cultural activities that will be derived by an assessment of the state-of-the-art and best practices analysis and then tested in pilot activities and disseminated and circulated inside and outside the project consortium.



Shakespeare nel Parco !

Shakespeare nel Parco è un festival multi-disciplinare che coinvolge varie forme di espressione, vari formati, varie arti performative. Oltre agli …

Saint-Germain-en-LIVE !

La troisième édition de Saint-Germain en Live c’était : jours de programmation ; concerts ; et les rues, les bars …

Skepsis Apollo Festival !

APOLLO – International Youth Theatre Festival The 9th edition of Apollo – International Youth Theatre Festival was the first edition …

Skepsis Balgrad Medieval Days !

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